St. Andrew's Logo

Identity Design


St. Andrew’s, a church outside of Lexington, Kentucky, needed a redesign for their logo. Take a look below, and you’ll start to see some problems.

  • The border of the shield is uneven.
  • The black lines in the star make it too heavy.
  • The font is clunky, and the pieces don’t line up. The A is all out of whack, and the E looks like it’s groaning.
  • The red line is unnecessary and distracts from the text.
  • The words “Anglican Church” are too thin to be visible when the logo is printed at a small size.





Here was the first revision I made of the logo. I corrected the problems above (notice the changes to the letter shapes) and also refined the color palette.


Before (light) and after (dark)


Second Revision


A few years later, St. Andrew’s decided they wanted new typography. I also simplified the color palette and shield even more. I went with charcoal gray instead of black for the type so it wouldn’t look too severe next to the red