Jack Brannen

Hi, my nameʼs Jack. If youʼre looking for a designer, a project manager, or just a helpful nerd, youʼre in the right place. 


I’ve been designing professionally since 2009. Before that I studied media communication and writing at Asbury University. I love clarifying things, so graphic design is a natural fit for me. If I weren’t a designer, I would probably be alphabetizing something somewhere.

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Identity & Corporate Design

I love playing with color combinations. I love agonizing over letterhead margins. I love zooming in to 6400% to make microscopic logo corrections in Illustrator. And yes, I would love to write your brand book.

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Layout & Editorial Design

Quarter-page ad? I can make it fit. 300-page book? No problem. I've thought far too much about things like page composition, tables of contents, and optimal footnote format. 

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Project Management

If productivity author David Allen started a cult, I would be the first person on the sign-up sheet. I love planning, organizing, and completing projects. Outlining is therapy for me.

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Human Speech

Technobabble be gone! I hate it when specialists use language that confuses everyone else. So I skip the geek-speak and keep it simple for teammates—and clients. If you can’t understand me, I haven’t done my job.

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Eagle-Eyed Editing

Great design starts with great writing. After all, what good are color and typography when you have a misplaced modifier or a comma splice? My job isn’t just to make it pretty—I want it to read well, too.

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Tech Prowess

I love learning and sharing new tricks on my Mac. If you were to tally up all the minutes I’ve spent memorizing keyboard shortcuts, I would probably say, “Hey, do you want me to put that in a spreadsheet for you?”


Want to learn more? Check out my newer or older work or read my resume.